One RewardOps client has created a fun new way for shoppers to earn rewards for providing feedback to brands and retailers. They use this feedback to help their clients collect critical in store intelligence to improve customer experience and overall retail performance.

Their reward catalog consists primarily of gift cards. Their previous reward vendor offered them a limited selection of retailers at a cost equivalent to the card’s face value. As their business grew and evolved they realized that their reward strategy needed to follow suit.

In partnership with RewardOps, they addressed these challenges:

  1. The majority of reward orders were from a handful of brands, with many rewards garnering little member interest.

  2. As the user base grew, the number of unused points started to pile up. The corresponding liability and deferred revenue accounts were having a negative financial impact on their business.

Their overall objectives were to increase engagement and decrease cost per point. In order to overcome the challenges and accomplish the overall objectives, they partnered with RewardOps to develop a strategy that would improve engagement and operational efficiency.

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