We all know that mobile is the new normal and now it’s crucial that loyalty programs be mobile too.

But what does mobile loyalty look like? Well, it depends on your business, your customers and the kinds of relationships you’re looking to build. Nowadays many loyalty marketers are extending loyalty programs to mobile environments. They are creating new customer experiences and changing their expectations of loyalty programs.

Here are 3 mobile loyalty trends are customers are beginning to expect in the rewards space:

  1. Loyalty incentives for mobile interactions

  2. Full mobile access to loyalty benefits

  3. Mobile data is used to build a unified view of customer interactions

Loyalty incentives with mobile experiences

The most engaging loyalty programs reward members beyond purchases or use. On mobile, this means offering rewards for social posts sent from smartphones or sharing content. In Sephora’s mobile app, a “beauty board” allows loyalty program members to share photos of Sephora-created looks. Since mobile customers are more likely to browse before buying, rewarding actions such as “add to wish list” can be especially effective at building valuable relationships.

You also want customers to engage with your brand in multiple environments. Here’s an idea – if you’re launching a new mobile app, offer a reward bonus for downloading it. Consider providing special bonuses to members who enroll through mobile channels.

The 2 golden rules of social media

Full mobile access to loyalty benefits

Let customers enroll in your loyalty program, earn/redeem rewards and see reward balances—all through mobile devices. Customers today expect a program to deliver customization, value and relevance all the time and while on the go. Walgreens goes one step further by allowing Balance Rewards members to clip digital coupons from the chain’s mobile app and link the savings directly to their loyalty accounts.

Mobile loyalty data is used to build a unified view of customer interactions

The biggest advantage of a compelling mobile loyalty experience is that it gives mobile customers an incentive to identify themselves. This makes it possible for marketers to get a clear view of interactions across channels. Once you’re enabling and rewarding mobile interactions, it is important to integrate this data at the customer record level to power the ability to generate more personalized offers. Mobile loyalty is the crucial bridge between offline and online. If a loyalty program is not reflecting that all-channel view of consumer behavior then it risks being left behind.

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