Our brand

The guidelines that follow will help you correctly make use of our brand.

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Our colours

Our primary colour is blue, with green and orange as supporting secondary colours. The white and grays are for our copy content.

Spacing rules

Our logo requires room to breathe and must always have a clear space surrounding it, free from any other element. The minimum space around the logo is equivalent to 30% of the height of the logo.

Minimum size

Our logo shouldn't be smaller than 100px in width for digital applications.
Printed, our logo shouldn't be smaller than 0.75" (19mm) in width.

Monochrome logo

Our main logo should always be used if possible, but when colour is not an option (or is too expensive to print) or when the full-colour logo simply doesn't work (eg. on top of busy photography), these can be used as a substitute.

In writing

When writing our name in plain text, remember that it's one word and the "R" and "O" are always capitalized.

  • RewardOps
  • Reward Ops
  • Rewardops
  • RewardsOps
  • rewardops
  • rewards op
  • rewards ops


Our typeface is Avenir, which should be used on all communications and conveys our innovation, strength, and simplicity.

Avenir Bold

Avenir Regular